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Seasons – Supporting People Who Are Coping With Loss and Change in Their Lives

Enrolments are now being accepted for Term 4 programmes. 
Seasons is a social service that runs peer support groups for children, teenagers, and adults who are missing someone important from their daily life due to a death, separation/ divorce, or other major change such as imprisonment of a family member, moving to a new location, etc.
Seasons groups meet for a one-hour session, once a week over 8 weeks, either during the school day, after school, or evenings.  Groups are usually 3-5 people of similar age, with one or two trained adult Companions as facilitators.  A donation of $25 per participant is encouraged to cover the cost of materials used over the 8 weeks. 
For more information contact Megan Bowden (phone 410 5117) or email seasonsnorthshore@gmail.com